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From panromantic +‎ -ism.


panromanticism (uncountable)

  1. (neologism) The state of being panromantic, i.e. romantically attracted to people regardless of genders.
  2. An attitude that romanticizes indiscriminately.
    • 1944, Andrew J. Krzesinski, Is Modern Culture Doomed?, page 60:
      In anthropology and psychology, certain scientists, such as Alsberg and Ludwig Klages, are spreading vitalistic panromanticism. They pay unbounded homage to man's depraved impulses, and hold up the Dionysian man as the ideal []
    • 1948, Renascence, page 173:
      Though the magazine is dead, as are some of the movements with which it was associated, its attitude, the protest of panromanticism to which it gave voice, is not.

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