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Borrowing from Burmese ပုရပိုက် (pu.ra.puik).


parabaik (plural parabaiks)

  1. The traditional form of paper in Burma, made of daphne bark agglutinated into a kind of pasteboard and blackened with charcoal paste, then folded and written on with a steatite pencil.
    • 1876, "Burmah" in the Encyclopædia Britannica, 9th ed., Vol. IV, p. 556:
      Though a certain kind of paper is manufactured from bamboo pulp, the usual material of the books is the palm leaf, while for ordinary notebook purposes a kind of black tablet, called a parabeik, and a steatite pencil are employed.
  2. A document or drawing executed on this kind of paper.

Alternative forms[edit]