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paradox +‎ -ist


paradoxist (plural paradoxists)

  1. (dated, derogatory) One who holds incorrect or eccentric beliefs; a bad scientist; a crank.
    • 1896, Richard Anthony Proctor, Myths and Marvels of Astronomy (page 325)
      This was a noble achievement on the part of our paradoxist. At one stroke it established his theory of the weather, and promised to ensure him text-book immortality as one of the observers of Vulcan.
    • 1916, William Archer, To neutral peace-lovers: a plea for patience (page 16)
      But these paradoxists and grumblers were a quite infinitesimal minority. The common sense and sound instinct of Britain and of the Empire realised that here was an issue like scarcely another in history — a clear issue of right and wrong []
  2. A participant in the art movement of paradoxism.