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A closed parashah followed by an open parashah in a modern Torah scroll (closed at Numbers 10:35 and open at 11:1).


From Hebrew פָּרָשָׁה(portion).


parashah (plural parashiyot or parashot or parashoth or parashiot)

  1. (Judaism) A section of a book in the Hebrew text of the Tanakh, which may be open (a petuhah) or closed (a setumah).
  2. (Judaism) One of 54 sections of the Torah read weekly by religious Jews, particularly in the synagogue on the morning of the Jewish Sabbath

Usage notes[edit]

  • The most common plural forms are parashiyot and parashot; less common are parashoth and parashiot. Rarely, the plurals parashahs, parashioth and parashiyoth may also be found.