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From Vulgar Latin *pariclus < *pariculus, a diminutive of Latin pār. Related to French pareille, Italian parecchia, Spanish pareja, Romanian pereche, Occitan parelh.



parell m ‎(feminine parella, masculine plural parells, feminine plural parelles)

  1. matching; a group of two with the same characteristics.
  2. (mathematics); even; divisible by 2.


parell m ‎(plural parells, feminine parella)

  1. m pair; A set of two things, people, or creatures of like characteristics.
  2. m (agriculture) yoke; A set of two animals used together to pull a plow or cart.
  3. m (telecommunications) pair; A set of two wires used to establish two-way communication.
  4. f pair; A set of two people or animals intended to do something together.
  5. f couple; A set of two people in a relationship.
  6. f pair; A male and female of the same species.
  7. f significant other
  8. f (card games) pair; A set of two cards with equal rank, but not necessarily the same suit.
  9. f (set theory) pair; Each of the elements formed by the Cartesian product of two sets.

Derived terms[edit]