parma wallaby

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A female parma wallaby with joey


parma wallaby (plural parma wallabies)

  1. A rare species of wallaby, Macropus parma.
    • 1978, Derrick Ovington, Australian Endangered Species, page 42,
      The parma wallaby, Macropus parma, last seen in 1932 and thought to be extinct, was subsequently rediscovered in 1966.
    • 2003, John Long, Introduced Mammals of the World: Their History, Distribution and Influence, page 39,
      It was thought that parma wallabies were extinct in Australia in 1957, but it is now known that they exist in an area of coastal New South Wales, north of the Hunter River (Maynes 1977).
    • 2007, Rebecca Stefoff, The Marsupial Order, page 65,
      The rest of the macropods are wallabies. They are usually smaller than kangaroos and wallaroos. The smallest is the parma wallaby (Macropus parma) of New South Wales in Australia. Adult parma wallabies average 18 inches (47 cm) or so in body length, with tails about the same length.