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From pasakains (fabulous, fantastic) +‎ -ība.


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pasakainība f (4th declension)

  1. fabulousness, fabulosity (the quality of that which is fabulous, fantastic, as if from a fairy tale)
    viņš man parādīja mapīti ar fotogrāfijām: tie bija šedevri ar savu smalkumu, izjūtām, pasakainībuhe showed me a little folder with photographs: they were masterpieces with their subtleties, feelings, fabulousness
    kāda gan pasakainība var piemist šim mūsu ikdienā ierastajam materiālam: tējas glāzei, logu stiklam...?what kind of fabulosity can the usual material of our daily lives have -- tea cups, widow glass...?