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From pasaka (folktale, fairy tale) +‎ -ains


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pasakains (def. pasakainais, comp. pasakaināks, sup. vispasakainākais; adv. pasakaini)

  1. fabulous, fantastic (typical of fairy tales, their characters or places; very beautiful, very good)
    pasakainas ainas, ainavas‎ ― fabulous scenes, landscapes
    pasakains vakars‎ ― fabulous evening
    pasakaina apkārtne‎ ― fabulous surroundings, neighborhood
    pasakains milzis‎ ― fabulous, fairy-tale giant
  2. (of value, intensity) fabulous (extremely large)
    pasakaina naudas summa‎ ― fabulous amount of money
    pasakaina cena‎ ― fabulous price
    Ģirtam likās, ka mašīna joņo pasakainā ātrumā — it seemed to Ģirts that the car was going at a fantastic speed


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