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From pa- ‎(under) +‎ saule ‎(sun).


pasaule f (5th declension)

  1. world (the whole universe)
    pasaules izcelšanās — the origin of the world
    mīts par pasaules radīšanu — the myth of the creation of the world
    pasaules telpa — universe, cosmos (lit. world space)
  2. world (that which has material existence)
    objektīvi eksistējošā pasaule — objectively existing world
  3. world (the Earth, and its inhabitants)
    apeceļot visu pasauli — to travel around the world
    pasaules čempions, rekordsworld champion, record
    gūt pasaules slavu — to acquire worldwide fame
    pasaules valstis — the countries of the world
    pasaules tirgusworld market
    pasaules vēsture, literatūraworld history, literature
    pasaules karšworld war
    izstāstīt visai pasaulei — to tell (something) to the whole world
  4. world (humanity, human society, or a part of it or its culture)
    antīkā pasaule — the Ancient World
    krīstīga pasaule — the Christian World
    kapitālistikā, sociālistikā pasaule — the capitalist, the socialist world
    mākslas, zinātnes pasaule — the world of art, of science
  5. world (a certain sphere of life or activity)
    dzīvnieku pasaule — the world of animals
    cilvēka garīga pasaule — human spiritual world
    dzīvot sapņu pasaule — to live in a dream world
    pasaules uzskatsworldview (German Weltanschauung)