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From patter +‎ -some.


pattersome (comparative more pattersome, superlative most pattersome)

  1. Characterised or marked by pattering
    • 1888, Time: A Monthly Magazine - Volume 19, page 255:
      Of course among lilts so light many are unequal — some, if we may so term them, too "pattersome" for their subjects ; but if all are not poetry, all are at least verse — a rarer quality in these pretentious days than some imagine.
    • 1936, J.C. Squire, Rolfe Arnold Scott-James, The London Mercury - Volume 33, page 594:
      Of course I know that gnomes do not exist; neither could I have believed that the Bamileke people were real until I saw them working in the fields, scuttering down the roads under colossal burdens, so pattersome and twinklefoot are they.