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peaceless +‎ -ness



peacelessness (uncountable)

  1. Discord; simmering conflict; a state often preluding war.
    • 1974: International peace research newsletter, volume 12:2, pages 16[1] & 17[2]
    • 1989: Keizai Kōhō Sentā, Speaking of Japan, pages 6[3] & 7[4] (Keizai Kōhō Center)


  1. ^ The conditions of peacelessness lead to aggression, internalised and open; aggression to violence, violence to bloodshed, to the destruction of life, civilization and values; and all these to mini wars.
  2. ^ Wars, as viewed by those who suffer from peacelessness thus, do not always disturb peace but quite often are mere symptoms of acute peacelessness and sometimes a relief.
  3. ^ We now understand that peacelessness comes not only out of the barrel of a gun.
  4. ^ […] increasing linkages between city economies and the global economy sometimes produce economic and social changes that have induced conflict and poverty, thereby producing peacelessness.