pearly gates

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pearly gates pl (plural only)

  1. The entrance way to Heaven
  2. (by extension) Heaven itself


  • 1795, Joseph Bromehead, "Jerusalem, My Happy Home"
    When shall these eyes thy heaven-built walls
    And pearly gates behold?
  • 1855, Fredrick Douglas, My Bondage and Freedom, chapter 7 "Life in the Big House"
    This immense wealth; this gilded splendor; this profusion of luxury; this exemption from toil; this life of ease; this sea of plenty; aye, what of it all? Are the pearly gates of happiness and sweet content flung open to such suitors?
  • 1908, Harold McGraff, The Lure of the Mask, chapter 27
    The narrowness of the imagination of the old masters is generally depicted in their canvases. Heaven to them was a serious business of pearly gates, harps, halos, and aërial flights on ambient pale clouds.
  • 1910, Jack London, Burning Daylight, chapter 20
    I'd toss for pennies on the front steps of the New Jerusalem or set up a faro layout just outside the Pearly Gates.