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pedantic +‎ -ness


pedanticness (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Synonym of pedantry.
    • 2012, Fara Faith, Enough of the dead ends, which way should I go?, →ISBN:
      But with time you will soon know the recipe like the back of your hand and you will be able to produce the cake without feeling overwhelmed by the meticulous 'pedanticness' involved.
    • 2015, Dane Mc Caslin, A Bird in the Hand, →ISBN:
      When provoked, Greg can become downright pedantic. The degree to which his "pedanticness" reaches is a reliable measurement of his ire.
    • 2017, David Myers, The Key Skill of All Skills: Learn How to Learn, →ISBN:
      Vividness and clarity often go hand in hand, but may also be contrasted, like Ophelia's father, Polonius' exasperatingly muddled pedanticness; at once as intense as he is impervious.

Usage notes[edit]

Some consider this term incorrect, and prefer the term pedantry.

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