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Probably from pe + rând. However, no other derivatives of rând have a front vowel, i, instead of â. Additionally, the sense of "to come by turns, succeed or pass each other, come one after the other" was a relatively late development, influenced by analogy with rând, and the original primary sense was to "wander about or go many places". In another (less likely) theory, the word may alternatively be linked to or derived from Albanian perëndoj (to set (of the sun)) (also related to perëndi (God)). In the Latin of the Late Roman Empire, the verb divagari (to wander about) may have been incorrectly interpreted with an initial element diva ("goddess") (cf. also Indo-European *deywós (god)) and then linked to or translated with this word by the bilingual native inhabitants in the gradual process of Romanization. The semantic link between the setting sun and God may have also further reinforced this association[1].


a perinda (third-person singular present perindează, past participle perindat1st conj.

  1. to pass
  2. to alternate
  3. to come by turns, succeed (each other), follow closely upon
  4. to wander