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perishing (comparative more perishing, superlative most perishing)

  1. Extremely cold.
    • 2002 February 23, The Guardian,, “Andy Wilson at Headingly”, in The Guardian[1]:
      Leeds avoided a potential banana skin on a perishing night to claim the first place in the last eight of the Kellogg's Challenge Cup with a high-class performance by their new Australian stand-off Ben Walker
  2. Extreme; used of environmental or bodily conditions.
    • 1946, Frank W. C. Rieck, Life as I See It (page 308)
      If many more white men knew of this method of obtaining and extracting water, there would be, perhaps, many saved from the horrors of perishing thirst.
    • 2011, Mary Groves, An Outback Life (page 102)
      A boulder ground into Joe's thigh and he yelled for what seemed an eternity in the perishing heat but, apart from a few bird calls, the horse's laboured breath was the only sound he heard.



  1. present participle of perish