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Perogrullo + -ada, after the folk character Pedro Grullo, known for making unnecessary, obvious statements.


  • IPA(key): (most of Spain and Latin America) /peɾoɡɾuˈʝada/, [pe.ɾo.ɣ̞ɾuˈʝa.ð̞a]
  • IPA(key): (rural northern Spain, Andes Mountains) /peɾoɡɾuˈʎada/, [pe.ɾo.ɣ̞ɾuˈʎa.ð̞a]
  • IPA(key): (Buenos Aires and environs) /peɾoɡɾuˈʃada/, [pe.ɾo.ɣ̞ɾuˈʃa.ð̞a]
  • IPA(key): (elsewhere in Argentina and Uruguay) /peɾoɡɾuˈʒada/, [pe.ɾo.ɣ̞ɾuˈʒa.ð̞a]


perogrullada f (plural perogrulladas)

  1. truism (obvious truth)
    • 2015 August 2, Zsófia Bán, ““Perdón por nuestro Gobierno””, in El País[1]:
      Uno suele pensar que las perogrulladas son verdades generales, aprende a aceptarlas como se aceptan las reglas que se enseñan en el colegio, que el aceite no se mezcla con el agua o que las ballenas no son peces sino mamíferos.
      One tends to think that truisms are general truths; we learn to accept them like the rules taught in school are accepted, that oil doesn't mix with water or that whales aren't fish but rather mammals.

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