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petro- +‎ state


petrostate (plural petrostates)

  1. A state whose wealth stems from the sale of oil.
    • 1997, Fernando Coronil, The magical state: nature, money, and modernity in Venezuela:
      Under subsequent democratic regimes, as we shall see, some of these features of the petrostate were to change, while others were intensified.
    • 2006, Donald S Rothchild, Edmond Joseph Keller, Africa-US Relations: Strategic Encounters
      The petrostate relies on oil as its fiscal foundation, rather than on the taxes paid by the citizens...
    • 2009, Andrew Nikiforuk, Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent
      A couple of years ago, while most Canadians were out shovelling the sidewalk or sipping a coffee at Tim Hortons, the nation quietly became a petrostate.