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From Ancient Greek φράσις (phrásis, speech) + λόγος (lógos, explanation).



phraseology (usually uncountable, plural phraseologies)

  1. Study of set or fixed expressions.
  2. The style in which words and phrases are used in writing or speech.
    • 1834, Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Francesca Carrara, volume 2, page 28:
      I was riding through the forest, when suddenly (pray correct my phraseology if too worldly—you know I am not well read in these epics of the heart) I saw a knight and his lady traversing one of the glades; the golden sunshine fell athwart the green leaves, and showed their white steeds and whiter plumes, while the air around grew musical with their gentle words and laughter.
  3. A group of specialized words and expressions used by a particular group.
    • 1837, Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Ethel Churchill, volume 2, page 209:
      Fortunately, two servants she had brought with her, were devotedly attached to their mistress; and the others only entering her apartments at rare intervals, did not understand her mystic allusions; and she now, more than ever, affected to veil her meaning under the mysterious phraseology so much adopted by the Jacobites.
  4. A collection of phrases; a phrasebook.

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