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physico- +‎ mental



physico-mental (not comparable)

  1. Having both physical and mental aspects; involving both the body and the mind; psychosomatic.
    • 1997: Georg Meggle [ed.], ἀναλύωμεν — Analyōmen 2: Proceedings of the 2nd Conference “Perspectives in Analytical Philosophy”, page 115 (Walter de Gruyter; →ISBN, 978-3110152579)
      Like Nagel, with his “physico-mental intimacy” and his variability of relations, Merleau-Ponty also searches for new forms of physico-mental relations. He postulates a “circular causality” as a “chiasm” between mental states and physico-mental conditions. These terms characterize physico-mental relations as forms of organization within the structures of the “lived body” such that physico-chemical and mental states appear as the interior and the exterior, the concave and the convex side of a non-visible hinge, the “lived body” (Merleau-Ponty 1968, 295).