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pie-faced (comparative more pie-faced, superlative most pie-faced)

  1. Having a round, unblemished face.
    • 1997: Carol Anshaw, Seven Moves
      She is already up to feeling sorry for the pie-faced wife and children in the oak frames on his filing cabinet, the small cluster of people who have Jon Folan in every one of their days.
    • 1998: Barbara Kingsolver, The Bean Trees: A Novel
      Jolene was a pie-faced, heavy girl and I always thought she looked the type to have gone and found trouble just to show you didn't have to be a cheerleader to be fast.
    • 2001: Roger Ladd Memott, The Gypsy Lover
      He glanced across her at the jawless, pie-faced woman soon to be her mother-in-law, whose owlish eyes were fixed askance upon their hands.