pig's ear

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pig's ear

  1. (countable) The cooked ear of a pig, as used in a number of cuisines around the world.
  2. (Cockney rhyming slang) Beer.
    • 1944, Country Life, volume 96, page 769:
      While the Cockney landlord was putting the question: “Now, gentlemen, what is it—pig's ear, a needle an' pin, or a pimple an' blotch?” (beer, a drop of gin or a thimble of Scotch) one of the larky friends released the monkey from its chain.
    • 2010, Jan Morris, Pax Britannica, page 338:
      The Indian breweries were producing rather more than 6 million gallons of beer annually: 3 million gallons of it was drunk by the British soldiery, who called it 'neck-oil', 'purge', or 'pig's ear', []

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