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pinch +‎ -y


pinchy (comparative pinchier, superlative pinchiest)

  1. (informal) slightly painful, akin to being pinched
    • 1993, Milly Bennett, A. Tom Grunfeld - On Her Own: Journalistic Adventures from San Francisco to the Chinese Revolution, 1917-1927
      I pushed my cropped hair up and away from the back of my neck where it was pinchy and itching.
    • July 1998, Indianapolis Monthly Vol. 21, No. 13
      It's a rare treat in these days when anyone can truck in a case of trendy flavors, set out a few pinchy wire chairs and call the whole sterile spread an ice cream parlor.
    • 2002, Mary Pope Osborne - Adaline Falling Star
      I can't keep still. I feel like I'm caught in a trap — my tight corset and pinchy shoes don't help.
  2. (informal) prone or designed to pinch
    • 2009, Mark Teague - Doom Machine
      “I don't understand this whatchamacallit. The way it wraps all the way around. Wouldn't it be simpler if it went straight up? Hey, hand me that pinchy thing with the zapper on one end.
    • 2009, Andy Rash - Are You a Horse?
      A skittery, pinchy thing ran sideways in front of Roy. It had plenty of legs. “Are you a horse?” he asked. “A horse? I'll pinch you good! A horse is friendly. I'm a crab!” said the crab.

Derived terms[edit]