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an example of a pinxit


From the appearance of the Latin word pinxit (he/she painted (this)), perfect indicative third-person singular of pingo (I paint), after a painter's name on a painting.



pinxit (plural pinxits)

  1. An inscription indicating the identity of the one who created a painting.
    • 1941, Frederic Jennings Haskin, The American Government, page 469:
      A potential buyer of The Princess had refused to purchase unless Whistler modified his pinxit, scrawled across a corner of the canvas.
    • 1970, Galaxy Magazine[1], volume 31, page 119:
      Nudes that look better than life— you wouldn't need to look for his pinxit.
    • 1993, New Jersey Libraries[2], volume 26-28, page 29:
      The name and address of a publisher or any additional names followed by the pinxit (he painted it) or sculpsit (he executed it) may indicate that several parties were involved in the work's []

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  1. third-person singular perfect active indicative of pingō
    Rubens pinxit
    Rubens painted (this)