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pizza bone (plural pizza bones)

  1. (US, humorous) The thick, generally curved, crust end of a slice of pizza.
    • 1998 July 29, Laurie <patmackin(nospam)>, "Re: Raising children who eat everything",, Usenet,
      But the crust (or "pizza bone" as we refer to it at my house)IS the best part of a slice of pizza!
    • 1999 January 26, Jerry Roush <>, "Re: Another pizza question",, Usenet,
      If the dough is elastic, rolling into balls and forming into "crusts" would probably yield better results. Besides, then you can regulate the crust's edge (aka the "pizza bone").
    • 2000 September 14, Kathleen <>, "Re: RR: Gotham", alt.mountain-bike, Usenet,
      I had a couple of slices of leftover stuffed-crust pizza for lunch. The big dogs were outside, so I gave Scully a whole pizza bone (the outer crust edge) to have all to herself.
    • 2000 September 30,, "Re: I miss my friend",, Usenet,
      We had pizza earlier nad after I ate a piece I caught myself about to call her name and offer my "pizza bone" to her.
    • 2001 April 24,, "Re: Hallelujah for Tacos....",, Usenet,
      I made a lovely arrangement of the empty shells and gave them back to the waiter....
      Lol that sounds like me Sandra, we go to a great pizza buffet and I eat the toppings and start building pizza bone castles in the center of the table :)
    • 2002 April 30, "MrEraser" <nospam@sendit2your.mama>, "Re: How playing The Sims affects the mind",, Usenet,
      She laughed so hard the chair she was in went flying, she fell on the floor and so did the piece of pizza she was eating. She's laying on the floor laughing and the dog is looking at me, hoping the pizza now belongs to her....
      let the dog have the pizza bone ;-)
    • 2002 June 14, Jo Wolf <>, "Re: Dog food?",, Usenet,
      Mostly veggies, cooked and raw, and the occassional small piece of meat, minced and mixed into the commercial feed. And now and then a pizza bone (edge of the crust for those of you who weren't educated by my kid sister).
    • 2002 August 5,, "A Normal Life? (Part 6 of ?)",, Usenet,
      "Well, I bet our dog would like a pizza bone." With that he grabbed one of the crusts from Scully's plate. "Here Walter," he called to the pup as he held out the crust.
    • 2005 April 8, "loosbrew" <>, "Re: Another pet question",, Usenet,
      ...give her a special treat one day, like a pizza crust(or pizza bones as we call em)....