pizza face

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Pizza face

Alternative forms[edit]


pizza face (plural pizza faces)

  1. (slang, derogatory) A person whose face has blemishes, acne, welts, bruises, colored splotches, etc; the face of such a person.
    • 1997, Avi, What Do Fish Have to do with Anything? (2004 ed.), →ISBN, p. 152:
      The kid couldn't walk into a room without slamming into something, after which his pimply pizza face turned tomato red.
    • 1998 Jan. 16, Anita Gates, "Film Review: Wimp to Superwimp," New York Times (retrieved 2 June 2011):
      Later, when he mouths off to a Broodwarrior (Hey, pizza face, looking for something?), he's brave.
    • 2009 Apr. 20, "Haye taunts 'Bitchko' as heavyweight clash looms, Bangkok Post (retrieved 2 June 2011):
      "After 12 rounds he will be a pizza face—then I will knock him out."