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placebo +‎ -ic


placebic (comparative more placebic, superlative most placebic)

  1. Functioning as a placebo.
    • 1986, J. Richard Eiser, Social psychology: attitude, cognition, and social behavior‎, page 227:
      In the request-only condition, the experimenter said simply 'Excuse me, I have 5 (20) copies. May I use the xerox machine?' In the placebic information condition, this was followed by the phrase 'because I need to make copies'. In the real information condition, the reason offered in support was 'because I am in a rush'.
    • 2005, Michael Palmer, Moral Problems in Medicine‎, page 135:
      Many millions of dollars are expended on drugs, diagnostic tests, and psychotherapies of a placebic nature.