placenta praevia

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A normal pregnancy, left, and placenta praevia
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Alternative forms[edit]


From Late Latin, from placenta + praevia.


placenta praevia (plural placenta praevias)

  1. (pathology) A complication of pregnancy in which the placenta is inserted partially or completely in the lower segment of the uterus (above the opening of the cervix).
    • 1987, G. J. Kloosterman, Some Obstetric Comments on Vrouw Schrader's Notebook and Memoirs, Hilary Marland (editor), Mother and Child Were Saved: The Memoirs (1693-1740) of the Frisian Midwife Catharina Schrader, page 35,
      The description of case 2980 leaves it uncertain whether this is a case of placenta praevia, but in the notebook is mentioned: "The afterbirth was in front of the child in the mouth of the womb and stuck very fast. Could not remove it completely".
    • 2007, D. K. Dutta, Dutta's Obstetrics Haemorrhage: Made Easy, page 128,
      A second trimester low-lying placenta which is posterior or centrally located over the os is more likely to persist as a placenta praevia at term.
    • 2011, David Levy, 8: Obstetric Haemorrhage, Ian Johnston, William Harrop-Griffiths, Leslie Gemmell (editors), AAGBI Core Topics in Anaesthesia 2012, page 110,
      If placenta praevia is identified, further imaging should be undertaken to ascertain the presence of placenta accreta.