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Alternative forms[edit]


Variant of Platonic, which see. The sense “non-sexual” dates to the 17th century in English, and to the 15th century in Latin; see platonic love for details.



platonic (comparative more platonic, superlative most platonic)

  1. Neither sexual nor romantic in nature; being or exhibiting platonic love.
    They are good friends, but their relationship is strictly platonic.
  2. Alternative letter-case form of Platonic (of or relating to the philosophical views of Plato and his successors).
    • 1902, William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience, Lecture 3:
      Plato gave so brilliant and impressive a defense of this common human feeling, that the doctrine of the reality of abstract objects has been known as the platonic theory of ideas ever since.


Derived terms[edit]


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