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A platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus)

Alternative forms




Blend of platypus +‎ nursery, coined by Australian naturalist Henry Burrell (1873–1945), the first person who succeeded in constructing a functioning platypusary.


  • IPA(key): /ˈplætɪpʊsəɹi/
  • Hyphenation: pla‧ty‧pus‧ary



platypusary (plural platypusaries)

  1. (Australia) A place where platypuses are nurtured.
    • 1944, David Howells Fleay, We breed the platypus, page 14:
      It was Mr. Harry Burrell, of Sydney, who first designed an intricate model home for the platypus and coined for it the obviously suitable name of "Platypusary".
    • 1974, Dal Stivens, The incredible egg: a billion year journey, page 354:
      When building "platypusaries" in zoos and sanctuaries it is essential to ensure that man-made tunnels are tight-fitting.
    • 1980, David Howells Fleay, Paradoxical Platypus: Hobnobbing with Duckbills, page 106:
      There was nothing for it but to install the three duckbills in the travelling platypusary in one of the Pan American hangars and hope for the best.