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player +‎ -sexual


playersexual (comparative more playersexual, superlative most playersexual)

  1. (video games, of an NPC) Attracted to the player character, especially without regard to gender, race, etc.
    • 2016 December 29, Gita Jackson, “2016 Was A Great Year For 'Shipping Our Favourite Characters”, in Kotaku Australia:
      All of the marriageable characters in farming simulator Stardew Valley are "playersexual", meaning they will marry the player regardless of gender.
    • 2020, Alayna Cole, Dakoda Barker, Games as Texts: A Practical Application of Textual Analysis to Games, unnumbered page:
      The fact that 65 characters can be interested in a same-sex relationship within Skyrim but only with the player is indicative of the fact that these characters are not bisexual, pansexual, or some other form of plurisexual—they are playersexual.
    • 2020, Alexandra M. Lucas, “Innovative Origins, Playersexuality, & Complex Inquisition: The Evolution of Relationship Mechanics in Dragon Age”, in Lindsay D. Grace, editor, Love and Electronic Affection: A Design Primer[1], page 183:
      DA2 provides a notable contrast with both Origins and Inquisition in that all non-DLC romanceable characters are “playersexual”; []
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:playersexual.

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