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NPC (countable and uncountable, plural NPCs)

  1. (role-playing games, video games) Initialism of non-player character/non-playable character.
  2. (slang, by extension) An ignorant, foolish person who has no will of his or her own.
    • 2018, shimokuma, “NPC”, in Urban Dictionary[1]:
      An NPC is seemingly a human that is unable to think objectively.
  3. (medicine, chiefly attributive) Initialism of no patient care.
  4. (medicine) Initialism of Niemann-Pick disease type C.
  5. (medicine) Initialism of nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
  6. (Singapore) Initialism of neighbourhood police center.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (Philippines) Initialism of National Power Corporation.
  2. (Philippines) Initialism of National Privacy Commission.
  3. (sports) Initialism of National Paralympic Committee.
  4. (Philippines) Initialism of Nationalist People's Coalition.
  5. (China) Initialism of National People's Congress.
  6. (US) Initialism of National Physique Committee.
  7. (US) Initialism of National Petroleum Council.
  8. (Nigeria) Initialism of Northern People's Congress.

Related terms[edit]


  • IPC (International Paralympic Committee)
  • NOC (National Olympic Committee)

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  1. (intransitive) To act as an NPC (non-player character) in a game.
    • 2003 November 25, PBM List Autoposter, “New: In the Light and in the Shadows (free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg)”, in, Usenet[2], message-ID <3fc30f0d$>:
      All characters wish to submit to the game must be either netural or good even though the group will have to interact with evil beings as well. To preserve the group from being totally dark and paranoid, I will NPC the evil characters.
    • 2012, Wreck-It Ralph (movie)
      [in a deleted scene, one of the signs used by the homeless Q*bert gang reads as follows]
      "will npc in fps 4 food!"