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From Canadian French, from French poilu (hairy)


plew (plural plews)

  1. (Canada, US) beaver pelt
    • 1967, John Arkas Hawgood, America's Western Frontiers: The Exploration and Settlement, page 96
      The cured "plew" of the adult beaver weighed about a pound and a half and at best would fetch from four to six dollars a pound at the mountain rendezvous
    • 2001, Armstrong Sperry, Wagons Westward: The Old Trail to Santa Fe page 7
      "The days when a good plew fetched six dollars, beaver or kitten, is over," he grumbled. "The beaver trade's rubbed out, Lank.
    • 2005, Ralph Moody, Stanley Galli, Kit Carson And The Wild Frontier, Page 46
      The price for a pint was a beaver plew or an Indian buffalo robe. Coffee and gunpowder were a plew or a robe a pound, blankets fifteen plews apiece,