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From the trademark Plexiglas.


plexiglass (countable and uncountable, plural plexiglasses)

  1. polymethyl methacrylate (polymer of methyl methacrylate), a tough transparent plastic used sometimes in lieu of glass.
    • 1960 March, G. Freeman Allen, “Europe's most luxurious express - the "Settebello"”, in Trains Illustrated, page 141:
      The wall and door of the compartment on the corridor side are of plexiglass, fully curtained on the inside.
    • 2009 January 17, Michael Cieply, “The Films Are Green, but Is Sundance?”, in New York Times[1]:
      A new concept car from Honda — a hydrogen-powered vehicle — sat inside the walls of a just-completed plexiglass tent at the corner of Seventh and Main Streets in the heart of downtown Park City, promoting the green pleasures of its energy conservation.




plexiglass m (invariable)

  1. plexiglass
    Synonym: polimetilmetacrilato