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pocket +‎ pussy


pocketpussy (plural pocketpussies)

  1. (vulgar) An artificial vagina used for masturbation.
    • 1997 August 26, The Cartoons That Curse [username], “AJ slurps fat rod all night”, in alt.music.hardcore, Usenet[1]:
      We started to laugh as t-rope pulled out a little pocketpussy and threw it at AJ.
    • 1999, cbianco, Re: Sex Rationing or Just Bad Lovers, soc.singles:
      theyre like jerking off with a pocketpussy lubed with earwax.
    • 2004 March 5, Karen, “Re: OT insomnia.....”, in alt.music.pearl-jam, Usenet[2]:
      i remember the first time i was flippin through the channels and saw that old lady holding a pocketpussy….LOL…
    • 2007 June 10, therudedog3 [username], “Re: VH1 Pantygate Whinekrew: Truth Xkat??”, in alt.flame, Usenet[3]:
      Nice meltdown tinkerbell, do you have a date with your pocketpussy tonight?
    • 2007, x-kat, Re: Vh1 "I Love New York" PantyGate Whinekrew: Anatomy of a Beatdown, alt.troll-busters:
      ... pocketpussy humping PERVERT.


Coordinate terms[edit]