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From poet +‎ -ling.


poetling (plural poetlings)

  1. A young, immature, inexperienced, petty, or insignificant poet.
    • 1898, William Roscoe Thayer, Mark Antony De Wolfe Howe, William Richards Castle, The Harvard graduates' magazine - Volume 6 - Page 446:
      Mr. Knowles goes farthest astray, however, in making selections from contemporary poetlings, to whom he allots oue third of his volume.
    • 1907, Edmund Gosse, A short history of modern English literature - Page 78:
      The poetlings around him were timid, crude, experimental, but Sackville writes like a young and inexperienced master perhaps, yet always like a master.
    • 1998, Ken Emerson, Doo-Dah!: Stephen Foster and the Rise of American Popular Culture - Page 269:
      "No dainty rhymes or sentimental love verses for you terrible year," Whitman wrote in "Eighteen Sixty-One," Not you as some pale poetling seated at a desk lisping cadenzas piano, But as a strong man erect, clothed in blue clothes, [...]
    • 2007, Douglas C. Vest, Churchianity Lite - Page 33:
      Poetlings - a new word to you? It was for me until written down on paper! I can't even brag about inventing it, for it just appeared. The word seems "natural' - created as a docent juggled two fertile thoughts converging, like children in her groups [...]