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pogono- +‎ -phobic


pogonophobic (comparative more pogonophobic, superlative most pogonophobic)

  1. (rare) Having an aversion to beards.
    • 1997, Kharak Singh, Apostasy among Sikh youth: causes and cures (page 175)
      They are part of a noble pogonophobic tradition dating back to early Christian times, when clean-shaven Romans guarded Western civilisation against shaggy savages.
    • 2001, Carole Morin, Penniless in Park Lane (page 61)
      [] knows I'm pogonophobic. When I hired him he hadn't grown his beard. Nowadays I'm not important enough to fire him.
    • 2006, Natalie Kristina Goldstraw, Superlative: Echoes of the Postmodern Condition
      Did you hear of the pogonophobic barber, / Who suddenly decided that he wanted fame? / But on the stage he developed nomatophobia, / And couldn't bear to hear his own name.