poke salad

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poke salad/bowl (1)

Alternative forms[edit]


poke (cubed raw fish) or poke (pokeweed) + salad


poke salad (plural poke salads)

  1. A food made from diced raw fish, seasoning, diced fruit and vegetables, and sometimes rice.
    Synonym: poke bowl
    • 2017, Fodor's Southern California: with Los Angeles, San Diego, the Central Coast & the Best Road Trips[1], Fodor's Travel, →ISBN:
      [] a wide range of creative seafood dishes (the Hawaiian-style poke salad with ahi tuna is a local favorite).
  2. A food made from boiled pokeweed leaves, which are poisonous unless cooked properly.
    • 1921, T. S. Stribling, Birthright[2]:
      The Harvard man went back into the kitchen and sat down at a rickety table covered with a red-checked oil-cloth. On it were spread the spoiled ham, a dish of poke salad, a corn pone, and a pot of weak coffee.
    • 2013, Carole J. Skelly, Dictionary of Herbs, Spices, Seasonings, and Natural Flavorings[3], Routledge, →ISBN:
      Whereas to most people, “salad” is made with raw greens, “poke salad” shoots and greens must be cooked, the cooking water changed and discarded several times. [] There are many documented deaths from eating improperly prepared “poke salad.”


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