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Named for a forester, Edward Pulaski, who designed the tool.



polaski (plural polaskis)

  1. (firefighting) A fire fighting hand tool consisting of ax or adz head on a wooden handle, used to dig a fireline.
    • 2002, Kent J. Johnson, Garden Railroading: Getting Started in the Hobby[1]:
      A polaski is a cross between a pick, an[sic] standard axe, and a broad axe. It is used to cut through buried roots.
    • 2011, Sid Marty, Leaning on the Wind: Under the Spell of the Great Chinook[2], page 285:
      A shovel, a polaski (fire axe) and a gieke can for putting out campfires, disinfectant for cleaning outhouses and picnic tables.
    • 2013, Gary E. J. Kain, Selfie[3]:
      It was equipped with two water tanks, a pump and one inch rubber hose, plus the normal shovels, polaskis, first aid equipment, and radios.