police blotter

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police blotter (plural police blotters)

  1. (US) A register, maintained by the desk sergeant, of people arrested or brought in for questioning to a police station; (UK) charge sheet.
  2. (US) A newspaper column publishing highlights therefrom.
    We read about his DUI in the police blotter.
    • 2014 June 18, Fuller, Jaime, “All crimes are local: America’s police blotters, indexed. The Fix column.”, in Washington Post[1]:
      "If you talk to any of our readers, they'll have a favorite entry in the police blotter," says Nick Ehli, who has been at the newspaper 14 years, seven as managing editor. Everyone who works at the Daily Chronicle has done their shift composing the police blotter at one time or another, since it's a task given to newbies.