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blot +‎ -er



blotter (plural blotters)

  1. a piece of blotting paper in a pad as a piece of desk furniture
  2. (law enforcement) a daily register of arrests and other events in a police station
  3. a register of the related events made in the form of the list of times and brief descriptions
    All transactions were entered in the cash blotter and agent's subsidiary ledger.
    He maintains the political blotter blog.
    • 2003, Karen Hood-Caddy, The Wisdom of Water
      "The blotter was so full of his scribbling, it was getting harder and harder to find places to write in."
  4. (slang) A portion of blotter acid.
    • 2012, Alex Wyndham Baker, Cursive
      Glass bottles of liquid LSD; moist blocks of Manali charras and Malana cream; sachets of smack; a hundred caps of MDMA and a phial of Australian DMT; ampoules of medical morphine and a dense pad of four thousand Californian blotters.

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