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poly-theistic (comparative more poly-theistic, superlative most poly-theistic)

  1. Alternative spelling of polytheistic
    • 1971, Robert H. Thouless, An Introduction to the Psychology of Religion, →ISBN, page 13:
      The theistic religions may be further subdivided into those .that are mono-theistic, such as Judaism and Islam, and those that are poly-theistic as are many primitive religions.
    • 1993, Anasua Sengupta, Buddhist art of Bengal:
      If we look into that history of Buddhist iconography of the period, there is no doubt the behind the emergence of this poly-theistic foundation the direct contribution seems to have come from the Mahayanic form of religion.
    • 2013, Kim Laliberte, The Call to Follow Jesus: Studies in the Gospel of Mark, →ISBN:
      The commentator concluded that the early Jews therefore were not mono-theistic (believing in One God) but were poly-theistic (believing in many gods).