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Blend of polyamory +‎ molecule.


polycule (plural polycules)

  1. All of the people linked through their relationships, usually romantic and/or sexual, to one or more members of a polyamorous group.
    Our polycule doubled in size when my spouse started seeing Boris, whose husband has six other partners.
    • 2015, Julie Fennell, “Polyculous bonds”, in Elisabeth Sheff, editor, Stories from the polycule: Real life in polyamorous families, Portland, OR: Thorntree Press, →ISBN:
      The five of us started calling ourselves a "polycule" back in the fall of 2012, when our relationships and sexual lives were so thoroughly entangled with one another that we looked like several relationship atoms often sharing orbits together.
    • 2018 November 16, Josephine Yurcaba, “Ezra Miller Discussed Polyamory and Past Abuse”, in Teen Vogue[1], archived from the original on May 28, 2019:
      While nonmonogamy doesn't always mean having multiple partners, Ezra's polycule comprises multiple sexual partners.
    • 2018, T. J. Thomson, “The Evolution of Story: How Time and Modality Affect Visual and Verbal Narratives”, in Visual Communication Quarterly, volume 25, number 4, DOI:10.1080/15551393.2018.1498742, page 204:
      Unbeknownst to him, Janice had, some three weeks prior, broken up with one of her partners from a polycule in Colorado.