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Originally Polyfoto (a commercial venture), from poly- and photo.


polyfoto (plural polyfotos)

  1. (obsolete, British, photography) One of a series of 48 photographs taken using a Polyfoto camera; or a complete sheet of 48 such photographs; or the Danish-designed camera itself. The Polyfoto camera used a single glass plate negative, the operator turning a handle on the side to take each exposure and also move the plate. Popular in the UK from the 1930s to the 1960s, Polyfoto cameras were sited in department stores, and provided a low-cost alternative to professional portrait photography.


polyfoto (third-person singular simple present polyfotos, present participle polyfotoing, simple past and past participle polyfotoed)

  1. (obsolete, British, photography) To take such a series of photographs.