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Alternative forms[edit]


From ponder +‎ -some.


pondersome (comparative more pondersome, superlative most pondersome)

  1. Marked by pondering or musing; thought-provoking; pensive; puzzling
    • 1990, Mary Anne Schofield, Masking and Unmasking the Female Mind:
      Yet The Cry is not a pondersome, dull collection of critical views.
    • 2014, i.P. audAx, Relapse and Rescuers:
      I'm too sober to be drunk, too sober to be anything but in a funk. The safety net no longer protects. My anger no longer projects. The trite questions are difficult and pondersome.
    • 2014, Catherine Hoffmann, His Real Life:
      They were adventurous tales, quirky and funny, but always pondersome.