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poo +‎ head


poohead (plural pooheads)

  1. (childish, derogatory) Term of abuse.
    • 2011, Helen Brown, Parenting For Dummies, UK Edition:
      Friends are becoming an increasing influence. So, if little Johnny at preschool is always shouting, 'Poohead!' chances are your child will treat you to some copycat renditions at home.
    • 2014, Carla Cassidy, Scene of the Crime: Mystic Lake:
      “Nah, I just told him he was a poohead, and then we played baseball.”
    • 2010, Lerato Mulvaney, Lads:
      “Get up, poohead. Now!” He gave him a good kick in the ribs. Jordan got up and limped backwards. “Get in there and get cleaned up!”