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porno- +‎ -phobia




pornophobia ‎(plural pornophobias)

  1. Dislike, disapproval, fear, intolerance, or animosity and hatred toward sexuality, pornography, nakedness, nude art, and sexual imagery or text
    • 1968 Quest
      Fear of pronography, or 'pornophobia' as I choose to call it, is a terribly unbalancing mental condition.
    • 1995 Read, reason, write
      The Perils of Pornophobia Nadine Strossen Earning her law degree at Harvard University
    • 2004 Unrepentant Whore
      I don't want to fight my sisters, and pornophobia is not quite a recognized social ill at this point, so I just better relax.
    • 2007 Pornology
      Pornophobic?” That's his response to my impassioned arguments about why porn is anti-feminist and misogynistic?
    Some feminists laugh at claims of pornophobia for their opposition to porn and art, but this is something third wave feminists do recognize.
  2. Fear of prostitutes
    • 1994 Uncontrollable Bodies
      Pornophobia means the fear of prostitutes.
    A lot of medics from Asia and Africa bring backward attitudes with them into the workplace leading to poor treatment of sex workers because of their pornophobia making them uncomfortable dealing and effectively discussing important medical concerns such as condom usage, STD treatment, and prevention.

Derived terms[edit]