post meridiem

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Alternative forms[edit]


From Latin post (after) + merīdiem, accusative singular of merīdiēs (noon, midday).


post meridiem (not comparable)

  1. After noon, in the afternoon.
    • 1853, John Drew, Manual of Astronomy: A Popular Treatise on Descriptive, Physical, and Practical Astronomy, with a Familiar Explanation of Astronomical Instruments and the Best Methods of Using Them, Second Edition,[1] George Bell, page 237,
      The civil day begins at midnight, and reckons 12 hours ante meridiem, or before noon, and 12 hours post meridiem, or after noon.
    • 1923, Christopher Morley, The Powder of Sympathy,[2] Doubleday, Page & Company, page 84,
      We reached that amiable town around two hours post meridiem, exceedingly hungry from our anxieties en route.