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postcard +‎ -y


postcardy (comparative more postcardy, superlative most postcardy)

  1. (informal) Tweely picturesque.
    • 1989, Jonathan Gash, The Very Last Gambado, Hachette, →ISBN:
      By three next afternoon I was waiting under Coggeshall's clock tower. The postcardy little place still has a free car park.
    • 2016, Finis Dunaway, Natural Visions [] , University of Chicago Press, →ISBN, page 175:
      “He protested vigorously,” Brower recalled, arguing that the photograph was “too postcardy.” According to Brower, Porter felt that “everyone knows [the sky][sic] is blue, so we might as well take it for granted and omit it, concentrating instead upon its indirect effect.”
  2. Suggestive of a postcard.
    • 2001, Susanne Antonetta, Body Toxic: An Environmental Memoir, Counterpoint LLC:
      Lots of these sites have postcardy country names: Bog Creek Farm, Reich Farm, Burnt Fly Bog.
    • 2013, Marc Spitz, Poseur [] , Hachette, →ISBN:
      If I saw a cool, postcardy subject, like the partially burned-out neon Chow Mein sign on Second Avenue and Twelfth Street, I'd make Herve or a visiting Ron or Jack pose under it.