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post- +‎ everything


posteverything (not comparable)

  1. After every style, belief, or attitude; thoroughly modern.
    • 1982, Cliff Schimmels, How to help your child survive and thrive in public school
      One of the conveniences of living in the posteverything age is that we have some agency to take care of every phase of human living; more importantly, we have someone to blame for failure in any phase.
    • 1997, Judith Butler, Excitable speech: a politics of the performative (page 222)
      However, formalism is not the flavor of the month in these posteverything times.
    • 2009 October 6, Ben Ratliff, “Raising Roof and Headstone for Pioneering Pianist”, in New York Times[1]:
      Then he went off into his own updated, posteverything style, full of explicit dissonance, repetition and strange dynamics.