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posttruth (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of post-truth
    • 2001 August, Nathaniel Kohn & Y.S. Lee, “Faces/Off: Challenges to Postcolonial Theory Along the Hong Kong-Hollywood Axis”, in Cultural Studies↔ Critical Methodologies, volume 1, number 3:
      Indeed, in what follows, we entertain several tenuous interpretations of the film, ones that display prominent aspects of postcolonial theory and perhaps even address some sort of posttruth in their microscopic readings but ones that, through excess essentially, mock such applications of postcolonial theory, as they question the warping power of theory in general.
    • 2015 June, Jayson Harsin, “Regimes of Posttruth, Postpolitics, and Attention Economies”, in Communication, Culture & Critique, volume 8, number 2:
      Across multiple societies, we see a shift from regimes of truth (ROT) to “regimes of posttruth”(ROPT) characterized by proliferating “truth markets.”


posttruth (not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of post-truth
    • 2013, Steven Maras, Objectivity in Journalism, →ISBN:
      Hartley uses the term 'posttruth society' to characterize a binary-oriented journalism in which 'reason and truth are not the guiding principles' but rather 'adversarial visions' that pit 'we' groups against 'they' groups (1992: 217).